Total Solution To Endless Wiping After Bowel Movement


Are you looking to experience that clean feeling after each bowel movement? Or do you find yourself wiping a few too many times? If you’re a man on the search for a cure to the  ‘never ending wipe’, look no further! We’ve created a fiber supplement for men that guarantees a clean wipe after you poop.

Steel Stool is made from a perfect and proprietary blend of four key ingredients: psyllium husk, cinnamon, chicory, and aloe vera. Steel Stool is vegan-friendly and supports a functional digestive system, ensuring the highly desired ghost wipe! What’s a ghost wipe you ask?


The Ghost Wipe - It's when you have a healthy movement and there's nothing left over for the TP- just the clean High-Five between you and your butt. 

To sum it up, a ghost wipe is the result of wiping after a clean bowel movement and having the pleasure of knowing that there is no residue on the toilet paper after the wipe. It may seem too good to be true but we promise you, it is not!

The answer is simple, take 3 capsules of Steel Stool twice daily with plenty of water. This creates a process that picks up all the debris in your digestive tract and scrubs it clean. No more messy situations or countless amounts of wiping, just a good clean ghost wipe! Now that’s what we like to call sh!t made easy.

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