Vegan Fiber Supplements

Vegan Fiber Supplements

The word vegan was coined in 1944 by a small group of people who broke away from a larger English vegetarian society to form their own vegan society. They decided not to consume dairy, eggs, or any other products originating from animals in addition to meat, just as vegetarians would do. These people became 'plant-based’ eaters as they're often affectionately known.

Since then, veganism has exploded in popularity. It is currently estimated that 8% of the world is vegan. However, even vegans who eat are supposed to be eating a diet rich in vegetables, and plant-based proteins can't always satisfy their body's need for fiber.  They, too, may require a fiber supplement to keep them regular. That’s where a vegan-friendly fiber supplement such as Steel Stool can help. Our fiber supplement is an all-natural product designed to keep your bowels moving regularly.

What is fiber?

When someone talks about fiber, they're referring to a group of carbohydrate compounds that are not broken down by the body. Instead, they either pass through the intestinal tract untouched or are digested by the good bacteria that live in our intestinal tract.

There are two significant classifications of fiber, and that is whether they mix with water or not.  Soluble fiber mixes with water and creates a gel in the intestinal tract. The gel looks a lot like a pudding. On the other side of the spectrum is insoluble fiber which does not mix with water. This type typically moves through the digestive tract unchanged. It is often considered an excellent bulking agent for increasing stool size.

What does fiber do in the body?

The main job of fiber in the body is to provide bulk to your stool or poop. Since most of the fiber we eat is left intact as it moves through our body and creates the bulk of our stool. This mass helps keep things moving through your digestive tract, which is essential for your digestive health. In essence, fiber prevents constipation.

How can fiber benefit your body?

Fiber is an essential part of a well-balanced diet. It not only keeps your digestive rhythms regular, but it can prevent conditions such as diabetes, lower cholesterol, and blood sugar.  A high fiber diet may help alleviate digestive discomfort, reduce the risk of hemorrhoids, and help you avoid more severe conditions, including diverticular disease of the colon.

What happens when you consume too much fiber?

We've established that fiber is essential. We also know that fiber is very abundant in a plant-based or vegan diet. This leads to one of the most challenging aspects of transitioning into plant-based eating: balance. The traditional American diet is lacking in high-fiber foods. Therefore, when switching to a vegan diet that is heavy in fruits, vegetables, and high-fiber foods, most peoples' bodies will have difficulty adjusting to the high levels of fiber.

So, what happens when you dramatically increase the levels of fiber in your body? Oddly enough, too much fiber can cause some of the same digestive symptoms that a diet that was lacking in fiber can. Symptoms such as constipation, bloating, nausea, and gas are also signs; you've consumed far more fiber than your body normally would.

Remember, men are advised to consume a minimum intake of 38 grams of fiber and women 25 grams daily, while neither is to exceed 70 grams per day.

How can Steel Stool help?

Another aspect of a plant-based diet is when new vegans assume this type of lifestyle will automatically be healthier. This isn't always the case. Vegan products, such as soy-based veggie burgers, nuggets, and meat alternatives, are usually highly processed, followed by a long list of artificial ingredients. Despite being vegan, these products often lack the fiber, protein, and nutrients necessary for a balanced meal.

There is a middle-ground, and that is supplementing your fiber needs with Steel Stool. Our 100% vegan-friendly capsule contains no artificial chemicals or pesticides. Unlike most fiber supplements that use gelatin in their capsules, ours uses cellulose, a vegetarian base.

You don't have to add as many plant-based foods to your diet because you're supplementing with Steel Stool. Our fiber capsule will ensure your bowel movements will remain regular. By taking three of our capsules twice daily with plenty of water, our psyllium husk, cinnamon, chicory, and aloe vera supplement will keep your digestive system running smoothly.

Vegans Unite

Veganism has come a long way since they formed their society in 1944. Throughout its evolution, millions of people have adopted veganism and tailored the diet's principles to suit their way of life, including eating a 100% plant-based diet to supplementing it with capsules, such as Steel Stool. However, you choose to adhere to your vegan diet, know that we at Steel Stool are here to support you.